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LG 3D Cinema Smart TV (47LM7600): Unboxing

Here's an unboxing of my new 3D TV!

LG 3D Cinema Smart TV (47LM7600): Walkthrough

Here's an walkthrough of my new 3D TV!

LG 47LM7600 Review BEST LG 47LM7600 Review

LG 47LM7600 Review BEST LG 47LM7600 Review

This is a LG 47LM7600 Review video.

I can't believe other people don't really care about reading what previous buyers have said about this product. That's one of the greatest mistakes a buyer can do! You need to be 100% sure about buying this hdtv or not, and the only way to find out that is to read other people feedbacks! Find all the ones you need in the website I recommended

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